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In 2000 Robert Fripp and David Singleton approached Andrew Keeling with an idea to orchestrate Robert’s guitar Soundscapes. This evolved into The Wine of Silence project culminating in three concerts by the Metropole Orkest of Amsterdam; the first two conducted by Jan Stulen, curated by Gert-Jan Blom, orchestrated by Keeling and transcribed by Bert Lams of the California Guitar Trio, in 2002 and 2003 respectively; while the third was conducted by Jules Buckley in 2012 as the launch of the CD, produced and developed by David Singleton (DGM 1102). The album became an instant success charting in several countries and attracting several noteworthy reviews. Sid Smith wrote that it is ‘immense and powerful’ while Rob Hughes (Prog Mag) called it ‘…disquieting and ominous…gorgeous in a word.’

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