"Spiritus" - available from Spaceward Records SRS109

"Unquiet Earth" - Spaceward Records SRS102

© aleph/carl glover

"Blue Dawn "

"Quickening The Dead"

Cathy Stevens and Steven Wray on Andrew Keeling - Quickening The Dead - RVRCD 55

Read Sid Smith's Review of "Quickening The Dead "

Steve Bingham - "The Persistence of Vision."

"My Lute Awake"

Virelai - Sad Steps - new settings of renaissance poems - RVRCD 62

"Hidden Streams"

Opus 20 conducted by Scott Stroman - DGM 9908

Read an analysis by Ricardo Odriozola

"New French Song" featuring "Artémis"

"Adoro Te" featuring "Ave Verum Corpus"

The Gong Farmers


Spaceward Records, SRS103

"Hyde" by Andrew Keeling and Otherworld

"For the Love of a Woman" - available from Spaceward RecordsBurning Shed and DGMLive

MVS, 2009

"First Things"


T.2. - 1971-72 (Acme Records)

Andrew Keeling plays flute on Closing Your Eyes

Section 25 - Love & Hate (in the English Countryside)
LTMCD 2318

Andrew Keeling plays flute on Guitar Waltz.

"Section 25" - Crazy Wisdom

Crazy Wisdom / Dirty Disco / The Guitar Waltz
(Factory / Benelux 12" vinyl)

"The Bridge" by Ken Nichol

Andrew'Keeling: flute


"Human Nature" by Ashley Hutchings

Andrew'Keeling's arrangement for brass appears on "Harvest Will Come" (track 11)


Musical DVDs

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