Andrew Keeling & Otherworld 'Otherworld'




Andrew Keeling & Otherworld 'Five o'clock Sun' (R2 Magazine, Jan 2016)

'Gabriel' from the album '5 o'clock Sun'


Otherworld (Andrew Keeling and Jane Wilkinson) on the Roots n'Fusion Session, Pure Radio, Jan. 2015


Andrew Keeling and Otherworld is the ‘shadow’ side to Andrew Keeling’s classical composing. Essentially an alt rock recording collective, Otherworld appears as and when new songs emerge. To date there have been four albums - Bells of Heaven, Hyde, My Red Book and Five o'clock Sun - a compilation album - Otherworld - and the single, For the Love of a Woman. Keeling regards Otherworld as an ongoing project releasing music as and when it appears.

The core members of the collective are Andrew Keeling (guitars, flute, keyboards, vocals, percussion), former Comsat Angels guitarist and vocalist Stephen Fellows, David Jackson (former-Van der Graaf Generator) and Dave Cottrell (drums, guitars and keyboards). Other contributors have been Jane Wilkinson (vocals), Jacob Heringman (lute), Susanna Pell (viol), Charlotte Dowding (violin), Tim Bowness of No-Man (vocals), David Jaggs of The Ragamuffins (vocals), Nikita Birdsey (vocals), Ed Hindmoor (guitar), Chris Keeling (guitar), Sarah Martin (narration), Brian Taylor (synthesizer), Iain Cameron (ambient textures) and Alison Prince (words).


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'You're the only person doing what you're doing and that is allowing the unconscious to speak through your rock music and songs. You're the only one allowing the deep unconscious to come through and the work you're doing with Stephen Fellows is working. It will eventually be heard.' (Robert Fripp)