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Andrew Keeling has played the flute since 1965. He later studied with Atarah Ben Tovim and Trevor Wye and has played as recitalist since the 1980s, besides featuring on rock albums and forming an improvisation duo with former-King Crimson violinist, David Cross, recording the album, English Sun (Noisy Records).

Andrew Keeling is a 'second study' guitarist and is, more or less, self-taught apart from six lessons from Peter Manley and two consultations each with David Taplin and Robin Hill. He was also a participant on Robert Fripp's Guitar Craft. The guitar has been an important factor in his development as a musician, playing the instrument in Thruaglas Darkly, Cross and Keeling, Andrew Keeling and Otherworld, The Gong Farmers and with a number of solo singers.




Nick Drake's music has held a consistent fascination for Andrew Keeling over the years. Some time ago he recorded all the guitar parts from Pink Moon onwards.

Video of Andrew Keeling playing the guitar part for the song 'Road' from the album 'Pink Moon' by Nick Drake.

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