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Kerry and a dark place

A week in Kerry. Up to Purple Mountain at the Gap of Dunloe with Carrantoohil just over the way:

The terrain is rough, a lot more so than the Lake District. Wainwright once said that his Pictorial Guides to the English Lake District offered people an 'apprenticeship on the fells.' Ireland offers people a 'profession' on the hills. This is a vast landscape.

The current world situation is, as someone recently, once said a time of 'post-truth'. One thing is clear: once individual nations/countries could make individual governmental decisions. However, globalisation has effectively halted that. It's a true global village ruled by oligarchs, corporations and post-truth politicians. A politician can say something - which may be true or not - and simply disappear having imparted his version of 'the (State) truth' to the initiated. Linguistic inversion is part and parcel of this and something promoted by the many divisions of the state hierarchy. The world is undoubtedly a dark landscape.

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