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Violin Concerto

Steve Bingham and the Stratford-upon-Avon Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dan Watson did an incredible job on the first performance of a piece that had been written in 2014. It took nine years to perform- not unusual in my compositional sphere - but well worth the wait:

For me, this was most encouraging. I rejected the Adorno school many years ago, which means a kind of sidelining. But, I will not adhere to Frankfurt School, neo-Marxism in any way. I rejected that years ago. This Concerto is a traditional three movement piece with a difference. Being for electric violin/loops and chamber it's not a cliche-ridden crossover piece, either. At least, one hopes not. And, it's accessible. Good news, then!

London was great, too:

And now on with a Piano Sextet and essay eight in the Colin Vearncombe series.

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