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What's the difference between the Lake District Fells and the Wicklow Hills? The Lakes is thoroughly green and with its slate grey rocks is a thoroughly charming place. But, it's been 'domesticated' and created for the tourist industry with its romanticised landscapes identified with the Lakeland poets and, more recently, the walker and writer Alfred Wainwright. A place I'll never forget and certainly identify with; a place of colour and light and, in many ways, my personal psychic landscape.

Wicklow is quite differen t . It's rougher. Peat covered and far less defined in terms of it's topography . Wainwright commented that his books provided an 'apprenticeship ' to the English Lakeland Fells. The Wicklow Hills are rougher , no teashop or romantic ideals and, yet, unspoilt and unmade for the tourist industry . In my gradually transforming psychic landscape , the change is well timed. It is an unpretentious place .

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