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Guitar and albums

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Completed a new guitar piece originally called Dark Mirror for Robin Hill, but retitled Hall of Mirrors. Robin was the soloist in Songs: No Words. Hall of Mirrors is sonata-like but not quite a sonata:

Also a new album with former-King Crimson violinist David Cross is due in October and the second Gong Farmers album in November. An outtakes download will precede the physical release.

Many thoughts about the situation in Afghanistan. As Telegraph columnist and author Simon Heffer once said about a completely different situation, ' goes beyond incompetence. It was meant.' The same may well apply here. Leaving your own citizens in alien territory isn't right. At all. Continuing the theme from the previous Diary entry, the world is in a (very) dark place.

Much listening done over the summer months and a further Colin Vearncombe essay completed.

A walk up Derrybawn in Wicklow:

And Djouce:

It's very often only possible to make realisations after an event. Less often it is possible to be forewarned.

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